Sunday, March 4, 2012

Slice 3 AND 4: Rulebreakers

It’s Day 4 of the Slice of Life Challenge, and I’ve already broken the rules. As I confessed my sins earlier in a tweet to @TonyKeefer about not posting yesterday, this is the response I got: “You are quite the rebel. @ruth_ayers should throw you out ☺”
Thankfully Ruth hasn’t thrown me out yet, and Tony is now trying to save face with tweets like #rulebreakers are my favorites…..

This got me thinking….I propose that #rulebreakers4kids be a new hashtag, and when we “break a rule” for the good of the children in our classrooms, we send it out to everyone. It’s important that our voices are heard…and most importantly that our students’ voices and learning opportunities and passions and intrinsic motivation and curiosity don’t get squelched because of mandates or tests or rules or rule-makers who have never darkened the door of our classrooms.

If I had to tweet under the #rulerbreakers4kids hashtag, what could I have tweeted from our classroom over the years?
Hmmmm….. the tweets might go something like this…..

• Hid workbooks district paid thousands 4 behind new “facing out” bookshelves
• Moved teacher’s desk 2 storage 2day, put books n writing supplies n its place
• Turned in a blank textbook inventory sheet. not. using. them.
• Q: Test prep or writing and conferring? A: writing and conferring
• Told kids I hate homework as much as them n will fight 4 less!
• Let class shred homework reading logs 2 day. Reading. More impt than recording.
• Said AR is stupid. People heard me.
• Said grammar worksheets are stupid. People heard me.
• Said tests and grades are stupid. People heard me.
• I care about children more than data. Hope the newspaper prints that.
• Merit pay 4 high scores? Fire me. I refuse 2 extinguish the fire n my students.
• Writing persuasive essay ab banning homework 2 model how 2 write persuasive essay.
• Spent $300 @ Office Depot. Needed sharpie markers watercolors n photo paper 4 publishing. Will eat ramen noodles this month.
• Writing prompts r crap. Despite what u’ve heard ab crap as fertilizer, it doesn’t grow writers.

And I could go on and on and on….I’m a rulebreaker4kids.They deserve to have teachers stand up for them and do what’s right even if it’s not popular….and even if we have to break a few rules in the process.

to the possibilities for rule-breaking for kids tomorrow,


  1. Too funny, so glad to be ending my night feeling good about things I've done in the name of children. Said they still make basals? Context: at ncte dinner w/ friends.

  2. Love this. I've said AR is crap for awhile. To students. Who are going to middle school next year. Where they use AR constantly. Oops. :)

  3. Your post is incredible. Love all the rulebreaker "tweets" - personal faves include AR is stupid and hid the workbooks.
    Thanks for a great post!

  4. Oh my I didn't realize I was such a rule breaker until I read this slice. EEK I wonder what other rules I break without knowing... caring. Desk long gone. Workbooks hidden in speech room. AR gag. Grades-They’re in FIRST grade! Worksheets too much time-hence grades, and like you the list continues!

    First Grade @ Klinger Cafe

  5. I LOVE this post! I've done a few of those things myself. Most recently I let a student take home his library book, librarian said he was to irresponsible to take home. I love breaking stupid rules.

  6. I love the idea of a #rulebreakers4kids hashtag. And I love that my sweet friend with the lovely Southern drawl has a backbone made of steel when it comes to what's right for kids. My favorite line might be the one about crap as fertilizer; it's really just crap, right? Great post, AM!!!

  7. AM,
    I am glad I inspired you to write such an awesome post ;) #rulebreakers4kids is a wonderful idea. "I care more about than children than data" is very close to me right now. Well done.

  8. So you told me the list was risky:) Is it bad that I too (except replace lab directions converted to inquiry based science in place of writing prompts and formula writing) do these things. Remember that there were once rules about Jim Crow Laws, Slavery, Laws the oppressed women. If people don't stand up for those who are not in a position to stand up for themselves, then we will remian an indiferent society that allows the suppression of our youth.

  9. "Said AR is stupid. People heard me.
    Said grammar worksheets are stupid. People heard me.
    Said tests and grades are stupid. People heard me."

    These are my favorite lines. We say stuff like all the time but it only counts if people hear you!

  10. Ann Marie,
    I'm just laughing right now. I love this new hashtag.


  11. I love this (almost more than I love #rulebreakers)! You rock! Keep writing, Ruth

  12. Love this post! So glad I came across your blog...I'm adding it to my list to read!
    I'm hoping to write on mine more this summer....please check it out!