Friday, April 9, 2010

Poetry Friday--The Nameless

Where did this week go? It totally got away from me without one single post. And now it's Friday again and time to share another amazing poem by another amazing sixth grader.
Ben's poem isn't even remotely related to school life, but his title, "The Nameless", makes me think about the classes of students we teach each day. Are there those students out there who are nameless? Those that we ignore simply because we don't know what to do to help them? Those that are so compliant that we pass over them because they're always "doing what we want"? Those that intentionally hide from us and scream inside, "Don't notice me!"?
I'm setting a goal for myself. No child deserves to be nameless, and it is my job to make sure all my students feel that they are a special part, a contributing member, a sixth grader with an important name and place in our classroom.

Now for Ben's incredible poem. I'm attaching his author's note, so you can see his thinking behind this poem. Enjoy!

Friday, April 2, 2010

Poetry Friday

Today's poem comes from one of my sixth grade students. Just this week Valerie shared a notebook full of poetry that she writes to express her feelings and cope with tough times in her life. She's a writer beyond the four walls of our classroom! Isn't that what we all hope for our students? This poem was written in honor of her mother, but it also inspired me to be a better teacher and to be that "guiding light" for my students. Thanks, Valerie.

"The Guiding Light"
--by Valerie F.

The light guides
It will not die
And that is what I want
Give me a new path
A new start
Help me grow
And keep me going
That is you
Your bright soul shines
A quick flash of light
Your heartwarming smile,
The sparkle in your beautiful eyes
A well creation
You move me away
The past
the darkness
To a new beginning
Full of life (and learning)
All around
The Guiding Light.