Monday, November 22, 2010

NCTE Expert Educator Book List!

I am just home from an amazing NCTE conference in Orlando and learned so much from everyone there. I was honored to be able to present with my friends Katie DiCesare, Cathy Mere, and Kathy Collins on Picture Book Possibilities. I learned so much, and am thankful to the room full of people we admire being there to support us.

I'm attempting to post my book list from our session, so here goes! I'm still receiving great book recommendations from friends, so I'll update the list later in the week. It's already seven pages long! Enjoy! Thanks to all who contributed!

NCTE Expert Educator Book list

If you want to see our entire presentation online go to Cathy's blog or Katie's blog! (and Kathy KathyCollins15 is now on twitter so follow her along with all of us!)
As they say at Disney, Have a Magical Day! :)
Happy Thanksgiving to All!