Friday, October 15, 2010

Ten Lessons from a Five Year Old

My sister, Phala, is great at capturing and celebrating the moments in her children's lives. She is also great at sharing these moments caught on film with our family.
I love when I receive these photo gifts in my email inbox, and I especially loved the recent pictures she sent of Anna Madelyn.

Anna Madelyn is my adorable five year old niece.
She loves.....
strawberry Capri Sun
vegetables dipped in Ranch dressing
field trips to the pumpkin patch
anything pink
visiting and eating lunch with Nann and Papa
playing with her big brother, Jack
drawing and coloring
great clothes and "high shoes"
Mama and Daddy
and her Aunt Ree (that's me) And boy do I love her!

She is also very wise for her age.
Anna Madelyn has no idea, but today's lessons for life and teaching come from her. (in no particular order)

1. Celebrate growth.

2. Be yourself. Wear pink high heeled shoes when you want.

3. Hold on tight to those who support you, love you, and believe in you. Do the same for them.

4. Read every chance you get.

5. Feed others, but don't forget to feed yourself.

6. Enjoy time with your friends.

7. Help out.

8. Enjoy the beauty of the day.

9. Remember that your story matters.

10. Take flight toward your dreams. Be the person, the teacher, the friend, the leader you were born to be.