Thursday, March 3, 2011

Five Tips on Becoming a Reader, by Carrie Age 1

This is Carrie. She's my one year old niece. My "Care Bear".

I'm writing today to thank her for reminding us all how to grow up being lifelong readers and book lovers. (Mom Christine and Dad Paul, thanks to you also....I'm sure she had a tiny bit of help from you two.)

1. Napping is good, but reading is better.

2. Playing outside is good, but reading and playing outside is better.

3. Taking a trip in the car is good, but reading while taking a trip in the car is better.

4. Reading while lying in bed is good, but reading standing up works just as well.

5. Reading by yourself is good, but having someone you love read to you is even better!


  1. Love your message...but having sweet Carrie deliver it is even better!

  2. Too cute that Carrie and what a reader!! I may have to show my first graders your post and remind them how reading can happen anywhere! So glad to hear from you. Hoping you are well friend.

  3. Your niece Carrie is absolutely darling! The fact that she loves to read is even better. Love the post!

  4. Wonderful^^
    Reading many books is good, but reading various books is better.

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  6. So when do you publish this as a little book so kids can read about how reading makes everything better?