Monday, February 28, 2011

To the Healers of Broken Wings.....Thanks

In my blog post on January 2, 2011 I resolved to say thanks more often. Today is February 28th.
It's only my second blog post of 2011, but it's to honor those treasured friends and those precious family members who know how to help heal broken wings. You know who you are, and today is my day to say thanks to you.

"a loose feather can't be put back...
but a broken wing can sometimes heal.
With rest...
and time...
and a little hope...
a bird may fly again."

If you don't know Bob Graham's award winning picture book, How To Heal A Broken Wing, read it, buy it,
..... and then give it to someone who has helped you fly again.

love and thanks,
Ann Marie

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  1. Ann Marie,

    Just this simple idea brought tears to my eyes. It is so important to remember to thank those people in our lives who have made an impact, no matter how great or small. I must find this book!