Monday, June 23, 2014

Ann Marie's Learning Journey New Blog--Closing This One Down

Dear Friends,
     I have created a new blog, documenting my learning journey as Alabama's Teacher of the Year for 2014-15. My new blog is Ann Marie's Learning Journey, and I'll be posting my thinking, learning, teaching, reflecting, and fun as I learn daily in my classroom, with kids and teachers of our state and with those from around the country and world this year.

Please join me in the conversation.  I hope this blog can be a place that represents the honest and hopeful voices for the future of education, and also as Ellen, one of my wise fourth graders said, a place "where conversations spark, voices rise, and mindsets grow."
part of a letter Ellen wrote at the end of fourth grade this year

With thankfulness and hope,
Ann Marie

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  1. So excited to follow your journey and continue to learn from you and with you! Thanks for letting us come along! =)