Thursday, February 20, 2014

Empowered Fourth Graders

For me, being a full time classroom teacher means being a part time writer and inconsistent blogger. My days are spent soaking up the joy, the engagement, and the precious "ah ha" learning and teaching moments with my students.  Being in fourth grade this year has opened my eyes to the true (and amazing) capabilities of middle grade children and the power of student empowerment.

Empowering these children so that they can share writing, projects, problem solving, new thinking and learning to a worldwide audience has been my number one priority this year.

I'm a full time learner/teacher and and inconsistent writer/blogger . However, my students are full time writers, readers, mathematicians, communicators, collaborators, creators, innovators, and activists. Below is a link to our class website--one that's changing daily, growing slowly, and run completely by a group of amazing nine and ten year olds.  On the pages of the site you will see evidence of their learning, their mistakes, their passions, and their voices. It's a window into the classroom and a place to celebrate the learning journeys of these children. Enjoy and please follow the kids here and on Twitter @TheCorgillKids.

The Corgill Kids' Website

You can follow my new (and old) thinking here as well:
The Collaborative Classroom

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  1. Hi my friend,
    I have also been an inconsistent/almost nonexistent writer and blogger lately. But there is some kind of magic in our writing workshop at school; I need to bottle their thinking and enthusiasm about being writers.
    Take care!