Friday, June 7, 2013

#1000giftsofsummer Day 4 and 5 and an Important Side Note

First, the side note.  I will continue to blog about my teaching and thinking about teaching, but for now, I'm enjoying this 1000 gifts photo project.  I'm sure it will somehow evolve into something I can or will use in my teaching or in our 4th grade classroom this year, and it may even end up as a blog post itself at summer's end. But for now...Day 4 and 5 of #1000giftsofsummer.

June 6, 2013:  My Man and Meningitis

Christian, my six year old nephew, also known as “My Man”, is the June 6th gift for #1000giftsofsummer. He  is one of the five nephew and niece gifts I have in my life . Christian was at the beach with his family this week, but spent a good part of the vacation in the hospital with meningitis. Thankfully, it’s the less severe kind and he’s going to be better soon!

My First Letter From Christian
My First Book From Christian, with the brilliant title, AUNT REE’S
Hospitals Are No Fun!

June 7, 2013: Rain
1.  Having a garage is a gift when it rains.
2.  Patio/Balcony plants get watered when it rains.
3. Video project progress is made when it rains.
I'm taking this photo from inside the garage (where it's not raining)

Notice the blurry geranium in the foreground about the burst with blooms (because of rain)

The Year in Video Project in Progress (because rain makes me want to stay inside)


  1. Love the photos, love the project, keep the gifts of summer/life coming!

  2. Mary Lee--Thanks for reading and for your encouraging comment! I love reading your poetry and yearofreading posts! Miss you! Have a great summer and keep in touch, okay?!