Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Preparing the Soil for Growth

Just as soil has to be prepared for the growth of your favorite garden flowers, the classroom requires that same preparation and tender loving care....for the children who will grow to be readers, writers, mathematicians, social scientists, and incredible human beings inside (and outside) those four walls. Yesterday, my friend Andrea emailed me about classroom setup. We have about two weeks of school left in the year, and she's already thinking about next year's classroom arrangement! I'm thinking about just making it through the day without my amazing student teacher, who's been by my side for the last seven weeks. Our room will feel different today. Someone special will be missing from the thinking, talking, writing, reading, and learning. Environment is important, but what makes a classroom come to life are the people who inhabit that space with you every single day. Today's post is for you, Andrea, and anyone who's already thinking about arranging or re-arranging your classroom to fit the needs of the children in your care. Below are several shots of classrooms of mine over the years.... Hope this helps! love, AM

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  1. Beautiful classrooms, Ann Marie! What lucky kids. I recognize the one with gerbera daisies as your MNS classroom.