Thursday, August 11, 2011

Setting Up the Classroom Series....

It's that time of year when we think about setting up our classroom for new groups of readers, writers, mathematicians, social scientists, and problem solvers. Over the next few weeks, I'll be sharing some ways to organize classrooms that will support students in both their academic and social growth. So, for the next few weeks, my blogging will be about my 10 for 10 list of picture books and ways to set up our classrooms for our students.

Below you'll find the link to a blog I wrote for my friends and colleagues at Developmental Studies Center. It's all about setting up the meeting area in the classroom to create that central location for reading, writing, thinking, talking, and problem solving.

The Meeting Area: An Invitation to Read, Write, Think, Talk, and Problem Solve



  1. Ann Marie,
    I'm so excited you are back to sharing your thinking on this blog. I learn so much from you...and I don't see you nearly enough. I had to laugh when I came to your blog today as I spent the day in my classroom setting up. Enjoyed the article about meeting areas in our classrooms.


  2. Loved this blog post. Thank you so much for sharing your thinking. I always learn so much from you and find inspiration in every picture!

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  4. Hi Ann Marie,
    I'm going to share your blog with a friend of mine who is in the midst of setting up her first grade classroom (in Italy!). She was a substitute teacher last year, and this year she has her own classroom. So wonderful that you are blogging your expertise.

  5. Ann Marie~ Enjoyed your article on setting up meeting areas. It is always nice to peek into the rooms of other educators, especially YOURS!! I am excited you're back and look forward to reading more from you, your ideas are brilliant! I think of you nearly each morning as I walk into my room and see the 'mini me's" hanging prominently as you walk in. Seeing this work, created by students first says I value kids and their work. Sound familiar? Keep sharing!

  6. You are a versatile blogger! Check it out! :)