Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Ten Picture Books....Ten Stories

I'm happy to be a part of the "10 for 10" event hosted by my friends Cathy (Reflect and Refine) and Mandy (Enjoy and Embrace Learning)

For the next ten days, I'll be telling the story of each of these books and why each one made the top ten list in my collection. For now....here are the top ten picture books that have shaped me as a teacher, learner, and person. (in no particular order)

1. Walk On: A Guide For Babies of All Ages by Marla Frazee

2. Everybody Needs a Rock by Byrd Baylor

3. My Duck by Tanya Lynch

4. Nature's Paintbox by Patricia Thomas

5. All in a Day by Cynthia Rylant

6. Days Like This by Simon James

7. Thank You Mr. Falker by Patricia Polacco

8. Ordinary Things by Ralph Fletcher

9. Why? by Lila Prap

10. The Sunsets of Miss Olivia Wiggins by Lester Laminack

Tomorrow: Thank You Mr. Falker, The Story Of John Richardson

To the possibilities.....


  1. You were so smart to break your thinking into 10 different days! I spent forever last night getting my post done.

    Great booklist. I wish I had thought to add poetry; so glad to see Ordinary Things on your list!

  2. AM-
    So glad to read your favorites! I love Lila Prap and the poems in Days Like This. Hoping you enjoyed your honeymoon and summer!

  3. You really were way smart to save the stories of the books. I added you to my following list so I won't miss any! I had a hard time leaving off ORDINARY THINGS! And I can't wait to go check out some of these- four of yours are totally new to me!!!

  4. Ann Marie! I am thrilled that you have begun blogging again. I had the pleasure of learning from you at the Lakota Literacy View this summer. Your story of Everybody Needs a Rock was amazing... and something I will never forget. Of Primary Importance took a trip to the beach with me... read it twice!
    I started a blog this summer.... please consider checking it out.

  5. Congrats on all of your recent happiness and changes. I'm so glad you are back and this event is your launch. Can't wait to read the reasons why, thanks for joining us.

  6. Thanks for sharing your list! I look forward to enjoying the explanations, as well.

  7. Great list! Can't wait for all the follow-up posts! (smart way to get yourself back in the blogging habit!)

  8. Thanks for sharing! Love peeking on the shelves of others!