Friday, April 2, 2010

Poetry Friday

Today's poem comes from one of my sixth grade students. Just this week Valerie shared a notebook full of poetry that she writes to express her feelings and cope with tough times in her life. She's a writer beyond the four walls of our classroom! Isn't that what we all hope for our students? This poem was written in honor of her mother, but it also inspired me to be a better teacher and to be that "guiding light" for my students. Thanks, Valerie.

"The Guiding Light"
--by Valerie F.

The light guides
It will not die
And that is what I want
Give me a new path
A new start
Help me grow
And keep me going
That is you
Your bright soul shines
A quick flash of light
Your heartwarming smile,
The sparkle in your beautiful eyes
A well creation
You move me away
The past
the darkness
To a new beginning
Full of life (and learning)
All around
The Guiding Light.


  1. Your welcome Ms.Corgill. Thank you so much for doing this for me. It meens so much. Thank you for posting this and also for being my english teacher. You inspire me everyday and I hope you will see more that I write in my future!

  2. What a talented writer V.J is. She must be a pleasure to teach. Beyond the four walls of the classroom, indeed! She should write competitively. She would represent Trussville well.

  3. Also 4 more that i have writtin check out my own blog follow me! comment and I hope you like expoloring my wonders and experiences :) :) Thanx again ms. corgill! It meens the world to me to walk into your classroom at 11:32 everyday <3 Your a gr8 teacher, writer and inspirer.

  4. hey miss.corgill its ashli im spending the night with valerie and saws that you had a blog and i just had to comment!!!!!!! ILYSM I'LL MISS YOU TERRIBLY NEXT YEAR HAVE A GREAT NIGHT!!!!!!